Tesla’s Model X SUV enters production in early 2015, clever doors intact

Worried that Tesla’s all-electric SUV, the Model X, might face yet another delay? Don’t be. Tesla is telling pre-order customers that their vehicles will roll off the line in early 2015, complete with the space-saving “falcon wing” doors from the…

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Why Stepping On LEGO Hurts So Much

Why Stepping On LEGO Hurts So Much

Right up there with how the gun on the original Duck Hunt game worked, why it hurts so much to step on a Lego brick is one of the questions we’re asked the most, so it’s high time we answered it. As anyone who’s done it knows, stepping on a Lego block is something akin to being shot in the foot by a knife soaked in wasp venom. In truth, this is an inherent danger of allowing a child to exist in your home.

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